Back in the day, I loathed sleeping in hotels. In both the country and cities, the rooms felt the same. Wall mounted Heating plus A/C devices seemed not to work when they were needed. Busted temperature control knobs plus switches were typical. I dealt with oozing vents plus water coming out of the air conditioner device. I also got to smell horrible black mold, dirt plus burnt hair when the Heating plus A/C in hotels switched on. So, 3 years after my retirement, I took a road trip out to the country. I was scared at the thought of having to stay in hotels. I was scared not because of the bills, workers, or the long drive. The thought of inconsistent temperatures in hotel rooms due to terrible heating plus air conditioning was my worry. I decided for the first time ever, I was going to spend more on the room, but rather than go under 100 bucks, I went into the 300 range. I got a hotel that had 20 floors, a fitness center plus had a few nice places to eat inside. I wanted to know if classier hotels came with better Heating plus A/C. When I got there, I was surprised to find that the design of the Heating plus A/C units were more new than what I was used to. The knobs were on good. The Heating plus A/C did not smell when it switched on. I could hardly hear a sound when the Heating plus A/C operated. The air or heat would turn on almost right then when the temperature control was turned. Would this last the night or would I have to call room service to complain as I’d done for years? Turns out, nope. I had a great night of sleep in my fancier hotel.

Just wanted some a/c

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