The HvAC technician was a thief

When I told him what was going on, he apologized

My husband and I have been dealing with the same HVAC company for quite some time now. For the last three years, we have had the same HVAC tech coming to our home. Recently we realized that we were being robbed by the HvAC company. After reporting it, we found out that the HvAC company knew nothing about our plight and that it was all the HVAC technician. We should have realized what was happening much sooner. The price of the parts for the furnace and the air conditioning was going up. Whenever he did a service on our furnace or air conditioning, we always ended up with a list of repairs and potential parts that would need replacing. One time, we asked him to come to the house to inspect the furnace. He came upstairs with a long list of parts that we needed. We thought we would just wait for the secretary to call us and give us an estimate. He had all of the prices figured and he gave us the estimate. We knew we needed the furnace so we told him to go ahead and do the work. I kept thinking about this for the next week. Before he was able to come to the house and do the work, I finally called the HVAC company. The secretary was off that day, so I talked to the HvAC company owner. I asked about their policies and when they changed. When I told him what was going on, he apologized. He told me that the technician I was talking about had not worked for his HVAC company for almost a year. I had been stolen from and I had no way to get my money back since no one knew where he was and he was no longer answering his phone..



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