Some dreams can come true if you want them bad enough

When you really want something bad enough, you will find a way to make that dream come true.

When I was much younger, I thought about working on heating, ventilation, as well as AC problems.

I wasn’t going to go to college, and a technical career seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, I ended up getting a pretty good job in a cafeteria and put my dream of heating, ventilation, as well as AC repair on the back burner. Now it’s 10 years later plus I still wish that I had gone to school heater as well as AC repair. My friends as well as family members try to tell me that it is not too late to make a second chance. I am almost 30 now plus it seems like it would be much harder to go back to work for something completely different than my career. I have been thinking about the sizable repairs that I can make on my own if I just had a little bit more experience. I think my own home heater, ventilation, as well as AC component is likely one of the biggest reasons why I want to go back to school. Every time I spend a little bit of money on a repair, I think about how I could be making that option on my own for a lot less money. There are a lot of reasons why going back to school could be a great idea I’m not sure that it is going to be for me, but I know I can make that dream come true if I want things bad enough to make it happen.


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