Keep clear of this HVAC company

After the local HVAC company had been caught doing some pretty unscrupulous things, he has lost a lot of business.

I’m surprised that anyone still uses his company. He has become quite infamous in our town. For the longest time he has been ripping people off. They have earned themselves a reputation as being the HVAC company you don’t go to. I found out that there is only one certified HVAC technician in his company and that is the owner. The rest of the HVAC techs are just people that he was able to hire to do work, and for cheap. I heard someone say that if you didn’t mind getting paid a bit sporadically and you had a hammer and a wrench, he would hire you. We knew there was something wrong when it was taking hours for them to do a simple service. The company gets paid by the hour, so the HvAc workers were taking their time to make more money for the company. The price of the parts were so high that you knew you could buy them for cheaper. The parts were also parts that were taken from old HVAC systems. If you needed a new HVAC system, you would get a used one that may or may not have been refurbished. Lately, the only people who are with their HVAC company, are new residents who don’t know of their reputation. I wish there was some way that we could go out and tell everyone what they are like. We could keep a lot of innocent people from getting ripped off.

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