It’s your job, and not the place to vent

I have been an HVAC technician for many years.

I know how much time you spend in people’s houses working on their HVAC equipment.

You can be down in the basement with the furnace, or in a closet with an air conditioner. I have spent many a day kneeling in a home while working on a HVAC system and having their kids stand there watching. I also learned that if you are having problems at home, you need to leave them at home. You can’t do your job properly when you bring those problems to work with you. My boss hired a new HVAc technician recently and he obviously had not yet learned that lesson. He had recently gotten a divorce and he wasn’t dealing with it very well. I tried not to listen to his story and I didn’t want to hear his quite loud conversations on the telephone. It wasn’t until he was reported as spending more time on the phone than working on the air conditioning, that I became involved. The owner of the company told me that I had to assist him on his next repair job. I didn’t want to do this, but I had no choice. Unfortunately, the moment we were in the basement, he was on his phone talking or texting. The owner came downstairs to ask a question about the furnace and he chased him out of the basement. I had to reprimand him and send him home. When I finished the furnace, I told the boss what had happened. I tried to warn the guy, but he didn’t listen to me. Now, he is on leave until he can straighten his life out.


Air conditioning professional