I can’t believe he was taken in

We have a large HVAC company in our area.

  • This company has been here for quite some time and it has a great reputation for being honest and fair.

They always do their job and it is done quickly and well. They are so well-known in our area that when a new HVAC company tried to open up here, they couldn’t get any clients. Everyone wanted to stay with the old HVAC company that they knew and trusted. After twenty years, the secretary in their company retired. The owner had to hire a new secretary and he thought he knew the perfect person. He had known her all his life and she knew a lot about HVAC and computers. I guess that combination of knowledge and ability was her undoing and the undoing of the HvAC company. She worked there for three years before anyone caught onto what she was doing. The owner of the company was doing inventory and things just weren’t matching up. He had more inventory than what was written as being taken out. According to the records, they had installed three different HVAC systems that had never been ordered. When the secretary returned from vacation, she got angry that he was doing her job. He wanted to know what had happened. When the tallies were taken, she had taken nearly $25,000 dollars from the company over the three years. He immediately had her arrested. Now he just needs to hope that she didn’t do too much damage to his reputation and the company.

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