He just wanted to be an HvAC technician

My son wanted to be an HVAc technician so badly that he went to work for the first company who offered him a job.

They told him they would do his training while he worked for them.

He was getting paid to learn and in a year, he would receive his HvAC certification. I couldn’t believe that anyone was going to be so lenient with someone who had no clue what the difference was between a furnace and a boiler system. For the first year, he took a lot of tests and did a lot of training. He wasn’t allowed to work on his own, and he seldom got to work with another technician. Even so, he was finally given his certification. I felt so bad when he told me about the certification being a sham. He said that it wasn’t worth the ink to print on the paper. I really felt bad for him and I told him to quit the job and work for someone else. He went to a couple of HvAC companies and one of them offered to hire him. When his current boss found out, he fired him on the spot. He then turned around and called the HVAC company that was going to hire him, that he was a lousy worker who was unable to pass his HVAC certification exam. Luckily he had saved the certification that the man had given him. He showed it to the new HVAC company and they told him that when he got things straightened out, they would have a position waiting for him. He had to go to school and get a real HVAC certification.

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