A life changing experience and now I am happy

I remember a long time ago, I was talking with a bunch of friends about going to live in another country for awhile.

  • I was thinking perhaps a year at most and everybody liked the sound of the idea.

One friend was entirely hesitant though. He was asking things about the laws of another nation that could be incredibly strict. He also asked about the culture and how they might not even use HVAC systems and we might be entirely uncomfortable. I thought all of that was nonsense but I still said we could adjust as well as anybody else could. We all eventually decided to go to this country where we were able to find a nice little rental cabin for a year lease. My buddy was right, there was no HVAC system but there was a fireplace. We didn’t have a cooling system to speak of though. We all talked about it and decided to order a little portable cooling machine that should keep us somewhat comfortable during the warmer season. Getting used to the culture was a very positive experience and we got to know a lot of the locals very well. I actually met a girl while I was there and I couldn’t help not falling in love. When my buddies were ready to return back home, I wanted to stay. I couldn’t leave her behind and she wasn’t sure about moving to another country. I ended up staying in the country and got married to the young lady. It was the happiest day of my life and we have been living the simple life ever since with a fireplace and a wood burning stove.



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