Partnering up for workout with someone who is more dedicated has really shaken things up!

Since my buddies like to party twice a week, we also go for an intense workout session with a personal trainer on those days.

  • With our group, we have a wonderful time! The first thing we do is go and meet at the gym, where we spend an hour or so working out with the personal trainer and going through the entire session.

From there, the fun begins as we reward ourselves! With a new diner or restaurant on our radar each time, we all go out to get drinks, fatty foods and all the dessert we want! Since we always order a ton of appetizers, it’s guaranteed that we’ve ruined all of our strenuous work at the gym. But hey! it’s the best part of the week if you ask me. The workout itself is just something I don’t care for, but I certainly do look forward to sitting around a table and having a few drinks along with a good meal! I don’t need to feel guilty about all of the calories, as those ninety minutes spent with the personal trainer have compensated for the calories I’m about to take in. We also set up group training sessions just to train together, and the personal trainer wanted a group of at least six so we could partner up for the workout. He put some random girl in our class with me, and this girl is something else. When it comes to exercise, she’s putting all of her eggs in the exercise basket! More often than not, you can find her yelling at me to lift more weight, faster, more intensively – you get the picture. I’m honestly getting a lot more out of the workout than my friends for that reason, so I get to enjoy the most of my night later!


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