I didn’t know plumbing would be so crucial at the gym

Since I was in school, fitness has been a major section of my life.

I played pigskin, hoops, baseball plus ran track! After graduation, I was fortunate enough to continue playing baseball at school plus the physical training was especially intense.

It was consistently my dream to own plus operate my own gym. I’ve taken extensive courses in interest activities plus physical therapy. I’m certified as a personal trainer plus have finished all the necessary first aid courses! The taxing thing was finding a suitable plus affordable location for the gym. I needed the proper sized building with plenty of parking. The investment into components was sizable. Installing locker rooms with showers, an office section plus commercial heating plus cooling equipment added up quickly. I knew there would be a good deal of ongoing overhead plus repair… With people coming plus going throughout the afternoon plus night, a good amount of dirt gets tracked in. Weather extremes completely demand either heating or cooling at all times. The smell of sweat needs to be taken care of by an effective filtration system. When I finally opened up our fitness center, I didn’t pay enough attention to the importance of the plumbing system. The sizable number of people passing through the gym puts a good amount of demand on the plumbing! Every person utilizes the plumbing in some way or another. They are always washing their hands, using the toilet, taking showers plus getting drinks from the water fountain. For the first few weeks of operation, I was spending most of my time working on clogs plus leaks. I can’t have our gym smelling completely like a septic system or flooding with water. I finally signed up for a reasonable repair program with a professional plumbing contractor.


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