Raising My Business Printing Game

My friend and I started a little printing business together.

It was sort of a dare at first.

We met while working at one of those big box hardware stores. It was kind of the pits. Both of us had bachelors degrees but could find nothing that was either in our field or paid anymore. We would both complain how our collective creative genius was being wasted. Then, my buddy said that his cousin had an old t shirt printing system that he never used. We started out by designing our own t shirt designs. Who knew that we would actually be any good at it. Both of us had a background in graphic design from shared interests in college. It turned out that printing those first t shirts showed us what a great team we could be. Suddenly, our day jobs were just something we had to do to keep having fun in the decorative design printing business. In less than 2 years, with some marketing tries and fails, we were able actually quit our crumby full time jobs. However, we also knew that just doing t shirt printing the old way was not a good growth decision. We invested in our first big boy printing machine. The Arrow systems were able to guide us to guide us into a whole new world of versatility. They were able to outfit us with printers that didn’t need set up costs or messy ink systems. And, we had full control over the the design and production process. Our machine didn’t need long periods dedicated to design alterations. We are actually taking the plunge into being a thriving part of the local business community.

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