Working as a cook in a hot and muggy eating establishment

Since being young, I have really enjoyed spending some time in the kitchen.

The two of us found it to be very enjoyable to help Father fix our breakfast, breakfast, and dinner.

The two of us wanted to work in a kitchen for all of our life and then the two of us got older and decided to have and eating establishment of our own. We serve any type of food that a person could name. I usually end up cooking anything and sometimes everything. My friends and I are the cooks and the two of us fix many delicious types of foods. It can be the most wonderful feeling to create a dish from love. I rarely talked about the problems of working in a diner, which mainly happened to be the cooling plan. Dining establishments usually have a cooling plan that is in the dining room for many buyers. Since the kitchen is already a hot mess, it seems foolish to rush around and spend money on a cool air machine. Being a cook in a kitchen is difficult during the summer when there is no cool air. When there are folks that tell you to refix their food and make a frustrating case, I often think about working somewhere else. Even with the incredible heat, the two of us suck everything up so that we can love our job. Guy moments are certainly frustrated, but at least I can go back to my apartment after work and enjoy the luxuries of a cool air conditioner.
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