My Dad’s crazy sense of humor

A red scrap of paper sack inside of the hands and I was unquestionably looking at it with a puzzled pair on my face.

The Faded ink was red and black and Dodges mines could be facing seen on all of the map.

Myself and others were surprised to find this treasure map and our dad’s will. From pancreatic cancer last year. This crazy mop lead us all the way to the oak tree in our front yard. None of us wanted to remove ourselves from the cool indoor air, and the outdoor temperature is at that point we’re definitely around 90°. The very first clue lead us over to the tree where my dad used to plant some of the tulip bulbs. It was a riddle and then another few Clues. Both of us were feeling the excitement, even though the hot sun like was blistering down. Everyone saw an additional clue that told us something about a cooling product. The two of us had no idea what cooling part of my dad could be referring to, until we figured out this was about our Uncle Larry who now works in the furnace and cooling field. The two of us were really surprised to find another clue that our uncle gave us. Instead of leading Us in the direction of another furnace and cooling company, we found ourselves sitting by a treasure which was a old watch. The two of us had to sell that watch on the list, but the good thing was that my dad’s crazy sense of humor let us in the right direction.



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