Junk food causes all kinds of problems

The two of us commonly sneak cookies from the jar, when the two of us were young children.

We had to wait for Mom to look away, because she would always complain when we stuck our hands inside of the snack jar.

Eventually mom got a great idea and decided to buy a cookie jar that looks like a Howling Wolf. Every time we opened the container, a loud lingering how alerted my mom that we were stealing baked goods. My brother and I removed those double a batteries and ended up taking successful cookies. She actually caught on to our plan. This food addiction became a problem after turning an adult too. The two of us spent many days working in the heating, ventilation, and AC repair filled. Although a single day can happen when everyone of us won’t have to travel very much, the two of us usually crave some of those things in morning hours. After a candy bar caused some problems and a tasty treat, every one of us knew that the next job would be on our way. The two of us decided to certainly stop and pick up more snacks and that made us late for the appointment. When the boss from the heating, ventilation, and cooling component company called, he was pretty mad that we decided to stop for snacks instead of heading right to the job. The heating, ventilation, and cooling component boss gave myself and some others and ear full of distaste. He didn’t believe our excuse was actually reasonable.

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