I ran and ended up with a massive heat stroke

The two of us do a lot of traveling, and we started this one every one of us were young.

Everyone had family members that like to travel a lot of places and it was a natural feeling for my friends and I to continue this traveling set after finishing College.

In my life, the two of us have visited more than 20 countries and the two of us have even travelled to several different Islands. During one of our biggest adventures, myself and others had time to go to the desert and find a camping destination. My travel and I told myself and others that we probably couldn’t run in the scorching hot sand for more than a few minutes. It seemed like the perfect there for every one of us to take and the two of us traveled on four minutes while our feet felt like they were on fire. After a few minutes in the car, I was starting to feel ill. The two of us had to sit down or pass out. The two of us I knew this was a problem with heat stroke and decided to head back home. The two of us left are heating, ventilation, and AC unit running. The two of us briefly had a chance to open our eyes and remember that the heat stroke suffering symptoms could have been much worse. The heat stroke only happened from not having a lot of cool air, and once the two of us were inside the house in the AC, the two of us started to feel much better.



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