An unexpected turn of bad events

The two of us spent much of our paycheck on items that most would consider an addiction.

  • Since turning 18, the two of us have spent a lot of money on the scratch off lottery tickets and even some of the others.

The two of us never anticipated on spending this much money on things like this, but it started to snowball one time after another. It wasn’t long before it was clear to all of us that this was going to be an awful turn of events. The two of us had to learn quickly about the repercussions that can happen after a while. The two of us saw a raffle for a brand new furnace and cooling machine had a place located next to my business. The two of us could spend $50 to get a ticket into this rifle. Since the two of us desperately had a need for a new Heating and Cooling program, the two of us felt the idea had a lot of Merit. The two of us ended up purchasing 10 tickets which totaled $100. The two of us thought our spouse would be very happy if we won, but my spouse was just mad in addition to didn’t understand why I felt the need to spend so much money. The two of us ended up arguing for weeks in addition to weeks, until the two of us found out that we were in fact the winners of a Year’s worth of furnace and cooling service. Though I was anticipating on winning a brand new furnace or cooling machine, the year service was still a decent.


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