New HVAC technology makes it easy to trim utility costs

Like cars, computers and telephones, the technology involved in heating and cooling is evolving steadily.

This is an area where new technology has a positive impact on the environment and health of consumers.

To comply with government regulations, HVAC technology must continue to improve and produce more efficient products. To appease consumers, these products need to be smaller and less expensive. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C industry continues to meet the various challenges of rising demand. Over the last 5 years, we’ve seen some of the highest and lowest outdoor temperature on record. More and more people are making effective heating and cooling a priority. For both residential and commercial application, manufacturers have responded to the requirement for user-friendly and automated heating and cooling systems. Smart technology now allows for remote access. Adjusting heating and cooling has never been so convenient. Smart thermostats work through an app on smartphones. With the tap of a button, consumers can change temperature, adjust fan speeds, improve indoor air quality, get alerts and take advantage of helpful information. There’s no longer a need to heat or cool an empty house to the ideal level. There’s no reason to come home to an overheated or chilly house for the sake of energy savings. These innovative HVAC systems can now be part of a complete home automation system. Whether consumers are at home, at work or on vacation half a world away, it’s easy to check in on the house, take proactive steps to avoid problems and optimize both comfort and efficiency. It’s never been so easy to save money on utility costs.



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