Renting an older building for cheap has some real disadvantages

The two of us honestly have our own corporation that has lasted more than a few years.

The two of us are happy and the two of us have the best type of work hours that can be completely attractive.

The two of us only have a single complaint which would be our commercial office space. The two of us have a building within City Limits that should have some substitutes desperately. The two of us have found a located section in the area where it seems our hot as well as weather humid is cold during winter or even just humid during summer. The commercial office building is regularly and uncomfortable place for the people I was with us as well as myself. The cooling and even heating components and ductwork are quite aged, and they caused a lot of noises when there are customers in the building. It’s definitely a difficult job to be quite productive if the two of us are uncomfortable sitting at our office with regularly uncomfortable temperatures. The two of us would like to see our building move to a different commercial building that could be better. The two of us do our best to regulate the temperatures, but the two of us Austin don’t have the type of equipment to substitute for the terrible indoor air quality. The two of us occasionally get a spark if there is an extra fan inside the boardroom. The two of us have complained to the owner of the property, but this commercial building is cheap as well as it is filled with disadvantages.


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