Cryotherapy Weight Loss

So far, I have not been able to read anything to convince me that cryotherapy weight loss is a real thing.

Some people seem to swear that they loss weight through cryotherapy.

What happens is that there is a nerve in the body that triggers the feeling of being hungry. Cryotherapy is used to kill a part of that nerve which no longer has the ability to tell the person they are hungry. Some people have noted that they lost as much as twenty-five pounds over the three month period following the cryotherapy. Normal is 7-10 pound weight loss per month for those who had placebo surgery. Half of the people were put under anesthesia and prepared for the surgery, but they did not have the actual cryotherapy done. Those who had the placebo surgery, had a seventy percent weight loss. Some doctors feel that since they mentally prepared themselves to not feel hungry after the surgery, they watched what they ate and were more aware of the weight loss. Those who had the weight loss cryotherapy surgery did not typically lose twenty-five pounds in three months. Most had a lower rate of weight loss. The results have not proven nor disproven that cryotherapy weight loss surgery actually works. As in the case of one woman, she gained all of the weight loss back once the eight month period was over. This is typically the amount of type it takes for the nerve to regenerate. Some doctors believe that when the nerve regenerates, its ability to sense hunger will be retarded and it will be unable to function at full capacity much like the brain when it receives traumatic injury.

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