There have been a lot of changes in our home’s air temperature

Recently, I’ve been noticing that there are some pretty drastic changes in the air temperature in our house.

Of course, since I’m very paranoid about certain things, and so my first instinct was to think that the house was haunted! I know that sounds crazy, but I’ve ready about how a lot of temperature changes, especially really cold spots, can indicate the presence of a spirit! But before I called the church or an exorcist, I decided that I would call my local heating and air conditioning company first.

They laughed when I told them about my initial reaction, and then the HVAC technician I spoke with told me not to panic. He said that usually, when there is inconsistent airflow in your house, it’s because of inefficient and leaky ductwork. He said that sometimes your house can even lose up to thirty percent of the heating or air conditioning that flows through the air ducts because of holes, leaks, or ductwork that is poorly connected. When this happens, you get cold spots or cold spots throughout your home. The other thing that can happen is that you can end up with higher heating and cooling bills. The HVAC technician said that he could set up an appointment to come out and check out my HVAC unit to see if we had any holes or leaks in the ductwork. While he’s here, I’m going to see if he will change out the air filters for me too. I hope that he finds something to explain all of the weird temperature differences in the house.

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