The HVAC system helped me write my song

I’m a musician and songwriter, and a lot of times, I get hired to write original songs for other performers.

My latest job I was givin was to write an experimental piece for this up and coming artist.

They wanted a rhythm that was unlike anything out in the mainstream currently. I was really racking my brain and thinking hard..and then it hit me! All of a sudden I was zoning in on the sound my central heating and air conditioning system was making. The rhythm of the HVAC motor humming and vibrating was giving me my unique rhythm pattern! I couldn’t believe it! I never in a million years would have thought that my own central heating and air conditioning system would become of any kind of use to me for my musical needs. When I told the producer that hired me where I got my idea, he laughed and thought I was joking. He said that no heating and air conditioning system on the entire planet would make a rhythm sound like the one I wrote. The producer had said that if it did, it may be time for a brand new heating and air conditioning system, or possibly a major HVAC tune up. After he said that to me, it got me thinking some more! I figured he may have a point there, and although I am grateful for the sounds of the HVAC system helping me to complete this job, I better call my local HVAC business for a certified HVAC specialist to check out my central HVAC system right away! This may not be good.

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