Something was wrong with the A/C at my friend’s house

I was sitting in my friend Joe’s living room watching a movie with him the other night.

It’s summer here and the temperatures outside were really high.

Joe had the thermostat in his house set at 70 degrees and it was pretty comfortable for the most part. But right in the middle of the movie, the A/C suddenly turned off. Joe went over to the thermostat to try and turn it back on, but nothing happened. We messed around with the HVAC system for a while but we couldn’t get it to come back on again. The next day we went to the home improvement store, bought some HVAC supplies, and then we tried to repair the air conditioning unit himself. We thought that we had done it, but then the next day we saw a lot of water dripping from the air vents in the ceiling. It turned out that even though Joe had fixed the A/C so that it would start cooling the house back down, Joe hadn’t installed the condensate drain on the new air handler for the A/C correctly. That meant that the water from the air conditioning overflowed into the ductwork. This ended up causing water damage to the ceiling in Joe’s living room and he finally called his local HVAC company to come out and fix the air conditioning correctly. I guess that goes to show you that sometimes you should just go ahead and call a professional to start with. I think we caused more damage than would’ve been there otherwise by trying to fix the A/C ourselves.

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