Self cleaning ductwork with a vacuum

My ductwork in the house’s central heating and air conditioning system was needing to be cleaned badly for quite some time, but I have not had a single cent to spare to be able to get the ductwork cleaning done.

After doing some research on the internet about DIY ductwork cleaning methods, I read that if you are good with getting inside small spaces and could do it, that a way to self clean your ductwork would be with a small vacuum.

To me this didn’t sound right. I was thinking that the only way a vacuum may even be useful in cleaning your ductwork is if the ductwork was just dusty with minimal thick dirt and grime build up. My ductwork was probably worse than that. But, I did want to look into it since I can’t spare the cash to clean the ductwork myself. I was able to get a good look inside my ductwork, and after seeing all the dirt, grime, filth and even pet dander that ended up in there from my dogs and cats, I figured I could forget the DIY method of ductwork cleaning! I was just going to have to break down, call my local heating and air conditioning company for a certified heating and air conditioning specialist, and just have to put the HVAC work on my credit card! I could not go any longer with this really filthy ductwork that is in my house. It is going to kill my central heating and air conditioning system eventually if I don’t take care of it.


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