My particular portable AC is extremely inefficient compared to a central HVAC

When I had to switch jobs last minute, I was left with an unbearably long commute.

It was a game each morning to avoid as much traffic as possible if I didn’t want to get up at 6am everyday just to avoid sitting motionless in traffic stops.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the new apartment either. Although it was clean, all of the appliances are ancient and absolutely nothing in this building has been remodeled since the early 1980s. My unit is a two bedroom, one bath with no central heating and cooling. There are two window air conditioner units and two electric space heaters for winter weather. Since the climate here is so warm, I hardly ever use the space heaters whereas the air conditioners are on everyday. Unfortunately, they both smell like mildew and they’re not energy efficient in the slightest bit. My initial plan was to simply swap them out for new window units, albeit machines with better energy ratings and stronger air currents. But, the representative from my local HVAC supplier suggested I buy two portable air conditioners if I can’t afford the expensive mini-splits that can be installed permanently. I like how I can freely move these new machines around in the rooms in which they are installed, but I hate the fact that they waste already air conditioned air as a means to cool the warm condenser unit inside. In central ACs, these condensers are put outdoors for this very reason. But, portable ACs have this component in a single enclosure alongside the cold evaporator portion. So, they are forced to pull in air from your home and blow it across the condenser to cool it before pushing the warmed air out a window via the exhaust hose. It’s a little known secret regarding portable ACs, but it’s possibly one of the most important factors to consider before buying one.