I always use climate controlled storage for several important reasons

I remember thinking that paying for additional storage was needlessly wasteful.

When you’re young, it’s easy to think that you’d never own so many things that you’d constantly be desperate for space in your conservatively-sized home.

Years saw an accumulation of clothing, records, family heirlooms, and computer equipment from builds and repairs I did on my own systems. The most valuable boxes in my entire house are these old comic books my dad passed on to me following his death last year. He told me for years that he’d bought many comic books as a kid and kept most of them. By now, many were rare and would always be worth money—that’s what he always told me. When I had the collection appraised, I was blown away when the professional explained the extreme rarity in many of the first editions that were all throughout my father’s large comic book collection. I could have sold them on the spot and bought a sports car, that’s how valuable these 10 boxes are. Instead, I am paying to store them in a local storage facility, with a large insurance plan on the comics in case the worst ever happened. I was selective and chose climate controlled storage with regular air conditioning. Putting old paper comics in humid non-air conditioned storage units is a recipe for destruction from mold and mildew growth. All it takes is a few spores to collect on the paper at some point in its life and then closed off in a humid environment where it can grow and begin ruining the book. Eventually, I plan to have a separate room in my house devoted to storing these expensive comic books, with zone controlled heating and cooling and fire proof cases in which to store them.