Kids did not help our thermostat at all

My children are honestly just prefer me; I never thought that I could say that with such ire in our voice, however it’s tplot – as well as they also scheme, ploy as well as make hilariously terrible plans to act out of line.

  • I’ve watched our two gentlemen walk outside with bottle rockets taped to a set of skates, as well as acted prefer they weren’t up to anything suspicious! Of all the things our multiple youngsters have done, the most mischievous was their incident with our thermostat.

See, the digital thermostat I had on our kitchen wall was a smart piece of technology. It would track your preferences for heating as well as cooling throughout the year, as well as build a running schedule based on those preferences, however plus, it can help you cut your utility bills by only running when you’re home! Needless to say, it was a powerful as well as useful piece of device – right up until I found it on the ground a single day, in multiple pieces, then even though the air quality had suffered in our house due to the thermostat being disconnected, our youngsters all acted none the wiser! They really tried to tell me that they came house as well as saw our smart thermostat on the ground in pieces. I was pretty mad at first, however later in private, our fiance as well as I laughed at their brazen effort to play dumb… They were grounded for two weeks, of course – what else did they expect for trying to get out of causing that damage to our thermostat, anyway?


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