Waiting for a tow truck in the snow

Last Friday, I had a bit of an annoyance during my commute home from work.

Namely, I didn’t make it home.

I broke down on the highway, which was a puzzle to me, because I could swear that my car was in good health. I pulled over and wondered what on Earth could be going on. I was lucky enough to have broken down in a relatively safe area with plenty of room on the side of the highway. I called the towing company, but they ultimately would not arrive for an hour and a half. It was a bitter cold 28 degrees outside, and it started to snow about 30 minutes into my wait. At this point I was very grateful that the heating system was working fine. It was not until that evening until I really started to appreciate just how effective my heating system was in my vehicle. By rights, I should have been freezing out there, but I was actually nice and toasty as I waited to be towed home. I turned to a station that was playing Christmas music and tried my best to be cheery about the situation. It was Friday after all, and I would be home soon if this tow truck would hurry up and get here. In the end, the combination of the waning light and the snow falling gently coupled with the warm atmosphere that the heating system was providing caused me to nearly fall asleep as I waited for the tow truck! The flashing lights from the tow truck snapped me awake and I was happy to finally be heading home.
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