To Replace or Not To Replace the HVAC System

I just need a decision.

I’m sick of the debate.

I’m sick of the going back and forth. Everyone has their opinion on what I need to do. And then I confuse myself further by looking on the internet. I need some sort of resolution on whether or not to replace my HVAC. Our house is about 20 years old and the HVAC unit is original equipment. Now, I have always had the HVAC system professional maintained on a seasonal basis. So, it has been given the very best of preventive care. However, the heating and cooling unit is definitely on its last legs. The utility bills are a nightmare because my HVAC unit is running all the time during the summer and winter. The unit is horrible outdated. The SEER rating on it is atrocious. But, the dang thing just doesn’t break down. How do I rip out something that has never broken down? The thing that I believe will tip it for me is that the HVAC unit I own still uses R 22 Freon. This will soon be unavailable or really, really expensive if you can find it. Then there are all these tariffs to think about. Maybe it would be smarter to replace later or are the tariffs going to keep driving up the costs of aluminum? Not an easy decision. I guess I’ll just hope that my old HVAC unit can get us through one more summer. Perhaps fall is a good time to make HVAC decisions. I think I’m making myself a little crazy with all this back and forth on this HVAC issue.

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