Our five-year-old son figures out how to mess with the thermostat

Me and my wife are beginning to realize that our son is very clever.

  • He observes just about everything with curiosity in his eyes, as if he is analyzing it Instead of passively observing.

He loves to figure out how things work and no sooner do we give him some kind of puzzle or other project that he is already conquered it and wants to move on to the next. We are very proud of what is clearly some keen intelligence, but it does have its drawbacks. You have to be careful what you say around him, and he’s pretty hard to fool for a 5 year old. We knew all of this about our son, but we did not expect him to figure out how to mess with the thermostat. For one thing, he’s too short to reach the controls by far. Thus, we thought it was safe from his grasp. Nonetheless, we began noticing temperature fluctuations. I would set the temperature before I went to bed at night and it would be quite different from what I set in the morning. Most often, it would be a few degrees cooler. I thought my wife was playing tricks on me, but she insisted that she wasn’t touching the thermostat. We agreed on the temperatures I set, after all. Eventually we discovered the truth. Our son was pulling a chair up so that he could reach the thermostat to change the temperature more to his liking. Pulling up a chair is one thing, but the fact that he was able to navigate through that programmable thermostat settings to cool down the house was pretty amazing!

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