Make Remembering the Air Filter a Priority

My memory is not all that good to start with.

Add some age and far too much other nonsense entering my mind and you get a bunch of forgetting.

So, there are a myriad of lists and notes and alarms to help me remember to do the things I am supposed to be doing. I do my best but even with all of that, I still forget at least one thing per day. One thing I have been terrible about is changing the air filter for the HVAC system. I just can’t seem to get myself to do it. I have even laid out an air filter the night before. But, I walked by it for like 2 weeks. I know how important the air filter is. Any HVAC system needs the most unobstructed amount of air flow it can possibly get. A dirty air filter is not only bad for you but it wreaks havoc with the HVAC unit. A clogged up air filter really restricts the amount of air flow going to the HVAC unit. Proportionally, this increases the workload of the HVAC unit to turn over air. The more that HVAC works the more you are getting rung up on the utility bill. Not to mention that it’s not too good for the longevity of the HVAC unit. So, I went to the store and bought a whole case of high end air filters. These filters are supposed to catch like 95 percent of allergens and other contaminants. I had my kid put a recurring alarm on my phone that I can only clear once I actually change the air filter. It’s worth the hassle because I want to keep my utility bill down while taking care of my heating and cooling unit.


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