I did not have the best air conditioning growing up

Summers were a bit rougher when I was younger.

  • For most of the time I was growing up, my family did not have central heating and air conditioning.

This was not so bad when it came to the heating part, but we certainly could have done with some good air conditioner! I remember how hot summer afternoons used to be in particular. All we had to rely on were a few window air conditioner units that never quite did the job. I remember standing in front of them as a kid with my face up close to the vents. You had to be just about that close to get the full benefit of the cool air. Of course, my brother would tell me to stop hogging up all the air. Whenever one of the three window A/C units went down, you just hoped that it wasn’t the one in your room. Which typically ended up replacing them outright instead of attempting any repairs, unless the problem was really simple. We finally moved into a house with central air conditioning just five months before I would be heading off to college. At least I was able to enjoy the cool air throughout that summer. The old window A/C units just couldn’t compare to the Comfort we got from that central A/C system. And then, I had to move off to college where the dorm rooms had crappy air conditioner! Well, at least I eventually got my own apartment with central air conditioner to enjoy.

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