We did debate the situation for a while

It’s a long walk to the mailbox when I guess the summer time utility bill will be in there.

I just don’t like that envelope.

In this region, all of us live with A/C about 6 weeks of the year. However, the summer time dose of heat pushes the Heating plus A/C to run much more often. Hence being afraid of the utility bill. But, instead of just running scared, I decided to get a bit more proactive about lessening the Heating plus A/C load. It took about 5 hours on the internet to come up with plenty of DIY ideas to lower the utility costs in the height of summer. I am an absolute beast when it comes to guarding the control unit. So, that wasn’t a huge deal. However, during peak hours, I am raising the control unit to at least 72 degrees. I have made sure that the air filter is changed every single week. Unjammed air flow is key to all Heating plus A/C systems. A dirty air filter forces the Heating plus A/C unit to labor so much harder. I went outside and cleared out all the weeds and debris from around the Heating plus A/C condenser cottageet. Again, trying to be certain there is maximum air flow for the unit. Inside the house, I went around to be sure that all the vents were open. I study to never have more than 20 percent of the vents closed in your house. I opened them all. The returns were also checked to be sure there were no obstructions. Finally, I have been sure to pull all the curtains and shades to reduce the impact from direct sunlight. Maybe all this will make the walk to the mailbox a bit easier.

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