Taking items off the shelf

I dislike grocery shopping more than anything else in the world.

  • I dislike how redundant it is, then you take items off the shelf plus into the cart.

You take them out of the cart onto the belt, off the belt plus back in the cart, however back in the cart to the car. Then from the car plus into the home office. It is a lot of moving the items back plus forth, then surely there must be a better way! I honestly despise the cooling in grocery stores too. The heavy AC makes it so I think appreciate I need to run through the store. Perhaps that is the point of it all. They want purchasers to rush plus get in plus out. I easily rush because I dislike the AC. In the winter, I don’t mind as disappointing since I am dressed for sub zero hot plus cold temperatures anyway. I just stay in my full on Wintertide gear plus don’t even notice the AC. In the summer time I get honestly ticked off. I wear shorts plus a tank outside plus then bundle up for the store. Not wearing a sweater in the store is easily brave. The AC system must be set at 60 degrees. You either bundle appreciate it is Wintertide or freeze while shopping. Why can’t there be a glad medium? I assume the produce plus frozen foods need cooling. But, those areas are separated out. Can’t grocery stores use Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C zone control? The areas with cans plus boxes can genuinely have heating or not use any AC. It would save currency plus add comfort.


Hybrid HVAC system