I am not a person who enjoys training.

I suddenly realized that I was once just like this kid

I have loved being an HVAC specialist, but I never wanted to have to train a new HVAC technician. Being around my kids and having one of them offer to help, was enough to put the fear of God in my heart. I would do almost anything to get out of letting one of my kids work with me. Needing to work with a new HVAC technician was even worse. They think they know everything, but they know nothing but what is in the books. I was really upset when I found out I was about to be saddled with a new employee and I was going to need to give him some practical training. I wasn’t very gracious at first. I went about doing my job, basically ignoring the young man I was with. Every time he tried to ask me a question, I got a bit more perturbed. I asked him what he learned while in HVAC technical school. He said he knew everything, but he hadn’t had any hands-on training. I tried answering all of his questions as well as I could. It didn’t take long to realize he actually knew very little. He knew the terms and what the parts were and what they were for. I had to lead him through every repair we had. I suddenly realized that I was once just like this kid. I was a greenhorn at one time and someone had to guide me like and it must have been like guiding a blind puppy. After a while, I really didn’t mind having him along. It was good company and he didn’t mind do all of the grunt work that goes with working on HVAC systems.


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The locked door kept calling to me.

When I bought my house, I was pretty sure that I had looked into every nook and cranny of the house. I didn’t think there was a single corner that I hadn’t seen. I guess I hadn’t looked at my basement as closely as I thought I had. I noticed that a bunch of boxes had been piled up against the one wall. Curiosity got the best of me, and I moved all of the boxes, hoping to find some hidden treasure in them. I kept hearing some odd noises coming from near the boxes, which I soon realized was just the furnace. I also kept feeling a breeze coming from near the boxes. I found out there was a small passageway hidden behind the boxes. I was afraid of what was there, but I got up the courage and walked into the passage. I found there was just another door at the end. The furnace had blocked off the passageway and another door. I couldn’t find a key to open the door, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it open. I was now on a scavenger hunt, hoping to find a key to the door. I was surprised to find a small key hanging right by the furnace. I grabbed the key, thinking it wasn’t going to fit, and almost hoping it wouldn’t fit. You can only imagine my surprise when the key turned in the lock. I was hoping for a hidden garden, or maybe another furnace room, and all I found was a stone wall.



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The basement was always frightening.

From the time I was a young kid, I hated our basement.

No one had ever taken the time to finish off the basement, or to put adequate lighting down there.

My dad used to force me to go downstairs with him whenever he had to work on the furnace. He showed me where the air filters were and how to change the air filter. Once he knew I was good at changing the air filter, it was my job. I hated every time I had to go to the basement. My family thought it was funny that I was afraid of the basement. Often, one of my brothers would hide under the stairs and jump out to scare me. This made my fear even worse. I always dreaded needing to go down to the basement, even before I was told it was time to change the air filter. The furnace made the oddest sounds when it was getting ready to turn on. I could hear the hissing of the heat as it built up and it had the oddest of shadows. I would have preferred any other chore my parents threw at me, if I could have just got away from needing to go into the basement. I often wished I had never learned how to change the air filters. After having my brother’s jump out at me so often, I didn’t even want to go into the basement to do laundry. I’m glad I don’t have a furnace in my basement. I made sure to buy a house that didn’t have a furnace, and the basement was completely finished off.


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I told him to call the HVAC company.

I always loved being around my uncle.

He was so much fun to talk to, but lately I had noticed a change in how he was behaving.

He didn’t look good and his mind seemed to be slipping. I noticed he was tired all the time and he told me he wasn’t feeling well. I noticed that when I was at his house, I would always leave with a really bad headache. I would be out of his house for about an hour, and I would be feeling better. I was pretty sure it had to have something to do with his furnace. I tried to tell my uncle that he had to have the HvAC company come out and look at his HVAC system. I was sure that if he didn’t get the HVAC system checked, something serious was going to happen. He refused to call the HVAC company. He never even changed his air filters. He said they were too expensive. I asked him when was the last time he had even had his furnace cleaned or had the ductwork cleaned. He said he hadn’t had anything done to the furnace since the day it had been installed. This worried me and I said something to do about it. A couple days later, I heard that my uncle had passed away. They found him in his house after having had a wellness check done. The heat exchanger in his gas furnace had cracked, and it had been leaking carbon monoxide for quite some time. My uncle had died from carbon monoxide poisoning.
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Thirteen is her lucky number.

No one wanted to go to room thirteen, but she did.

There is something odd, but strangely interesting about my mother-in-law. When she told me that thirteen is not just her lucky number, but she feels it is also a blessed number for her. She worked in a hotel for quite some time. She cleaned the rooms and made sure everything was running smoothly for those who would come to stay at the hotel. She didn’t look at herself as a cleaning lady, but as an ambassador of goodwill. She said she helped to make a good impression on the people who stayed in her rooms. When she went into a room, she would reset the thermostat so that it helped to save on wear and tear of a HVAC system. When she knew a new person was coming into the room, she would check the towels and turn up the thermostat so the room was at a comfortable temperature. When I asked her why thirteen was a blessed number, she said that most of the girls she worked with didn’t want to go into a room if it ended in thirteen. Thirteen was supposed to be a bad luck number. She had been told that there was someone coming into one of her rooms and had set the thermostat to sixty-eight. When the person got into the room, he called housekeeping, complaining about how cold it was. No one wanted to go to room thirteen, but she did. Seh knew to change the batteries in the thermostat. When she went to leave, he gave her a large tip. The tip was almost as big as her weekly paycheck. She couldn’t believe he gave her that much money just for changing the batteries in a thermostat.


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The nurse seemed happy with their thermostat setting.

I had to go to the doctor’s office a couple days ago.

I had a terrible sinus headache and no matter what I didn, I couldn’t get rid of it.

I thought it could have been our air quality, but I knew better. I had to go to the doctor and get some medication for a sinus infection. The doctor told me it wasn’t a sinus infection, but an infection in my tooth. I hated going to the dentist, but I didn’t have a choice. When I got to the office, it was so hot inside that I couldn’t breathe. I thought maybe my sweating and overheated skin had something to do with nerves. I tried to think about something other than the dentist, but I couldn’t stop sweating. I realized the heat was simply a lack of air conditioning.. They had the thermostat up so high that everyone looked uncomfortable. I walked up to the secretary and asked if she could turn down the thermostat. She looked at me oddly and told me she would ask the doctor. I didn’t see her get up and move, so I was pretty sure she wasn’t going to talk to the doctor about the thermostat. In the meantime, I was getting hotter and sweating more. By the time I got back to see the dentist, I was more nervous. I couldn’t wait to get the tooth pulled. I was thrilled when he said he could fix the tooth. After half an hour, I was feeling much better. I could wait to get out to my car and turn on the air conditioning.

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Our vacation wasn’t as nice as we had imagined it would be.

For years, my wife had been talking about going abroad and visiting her family’s home country.

  • We looked at so many brochures, I wasn’t sure if we even had to go on vacation since we already saw nearly the entire country in pictures.

Finally, she had me convinced that we should take our vacation and spend it in her mother’s country. From the very beginning of our trip I was wishing I hadn’t come along with her. The air quality on the airplane was so bad that I wanted to scream. My eyes were watering, and no matter what I tried to do with the air vents, I couldn’t change the air quality. I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and finally have some good air conditioning and air quality. When we finally landed, the entire countryside was shrouded with fog. When we got out of the airport, it didn’t take long before we realized it wasn’t fog, but air pollution. The air smelled worse than the air on the plane. My wife was disappointed because the country didn’t look anything like it did in the brochures we had looked at. The air quality in the hotel was just as bad. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have any air purification in the hotel, let alone air conditioning to keep us comfortable. I said to my wife about the hotel saying they had air conditioning and she said yes. If this was air conditioning, I didn’t want to see what heating was. We did a little bit of shopping, but nothing made me happier than getting back onto that plane and heading back home where I had air conditioning, and good air quality.

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Grandpa was a smart man.

My grandfather was a very wise man.

It seems that the best advice I ever got came from my grandfather.

He was the one who taught me how to do the important things in my life. I remember how my mom would take me to the doctor all the time. He told me that all you needed was to get a lot of exercise and live healthy. He said that there wasn’t much those two things couldn’t do to keep you from getting sick. He told me to take my vitamins and eat my greens. When I got older, I wanted to learn how to work on my own HVAC system. He told me the most important thing about taking care of the HVAC system is changing the air filters and keeping the furnace and air conditioning units cleaned. He showed me how to change the air filters. He then taught me how to clean the furnace and the air conditioning units. I couldn’t believe how dirty the units could become and I wondered how often the cleaning had to be done. He told me to do the cleaning once a year, but I also had to keep the ductwork cleaned. He explained that if I didn’t keep good airflow, it would cause the HVAC system to become clogged and it would destroy the furnace and/or the air conditioner. It was so dirty, trying to do the cleaning of the ductwork, but he let me know the importance and the dirt didn’t bother me so much. I was so grateful for everything my grandpa taught me.

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My furnace broke down.

I had to run into town and get some oil for the space heaters, but that was the only problem I had getting them to work

I was doing a lot of cleaning over the winter, hoping to get my house in shape before the holidays. I had been pulling things from the attic to take downstairs for the tree, when I realized it was a bit cold in the house. I had heard an odd noise while in the attic, and I realized it was the furnace. That was probably the moment when the furnace had quit working. I went downstairs and tried to adjust the thermostat. I was hoping I would be able to get the furnace working again, but nothing happened. That was when I decided it was time to call the HVAC company. Unfortunately, there was no way they were going to be able to get to the house until the weekend was over. I decided to continue getting my cleaning done and then I wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa. I was glad it wasn’t super cold outside, or I could have frozen that night. I found a couple space heaters in the attic and I set the space heaters in the living room. I didn’t think they would work at all, but they were able to keep me warm that night. I had to run into town and get some oil for the space heaters, but that was the only problem I had getting them to work. By the time the HVAC technician arrived the next day, I was ready to get rid of the smelly space heaters. I was glad that it didn’t take long for him to get my furnace running again.


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Am I really addicted to heating and air conditioning?

I was at my aunt’s house the other week. She had it so hot in the house that I could barely breathe. I asked her where the thermostat was because I wanted to turn the heat down. She informed me she didn’t have a thermostat and she wasn’t addicted to modern rubbish like I was. I couldn’t understand what kind of modern rubbish she thought I was addicted to, because I had never used drugs. That’s when she said that all she needed was her fireplace to keep her warm and she didn’t need any of those modern things. I asked her how she kept cool in the summer. She said she had fans and windows and doors that could be opened and closed. I thought she was kidding, but by the look on her face, I knew she definitely was not kidding. I wondered if maybe I wasn’t addicted to modern HVAC. I had a hard time trying to figure out how she was able to live without modern heating and air conditioning. I wanted to go back to my aunt’s and tell her how comfortable she could be if she had modern heating and air conditioning. I knew she wouldn’t have anything to do with it, and I realized she was quite happy with how her life was. I thought maybe I should try depending on the heating and air conditioning system I had in my apartment. Maybe I could be happier like my aunt is. I shrugged at the thought while laughing at myself. I didn’t know who I was trying to fool, because I knew I could never go without the modern HvAC system.

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