Personal trainer helps me lose weight for my wedding

When my boyfriend, Kevin asked me to marry him, I was absolutely ecstatic.

I was excited to start planning the wedding. I immediately went dress shopping and wasn’t satisfied with the image I saw in the mirror. Before I stood next to my new husband and posed for a series of photographs, I wanted to lose some weight. I tried some fitness videos I found online but they tended to be either too easy or hard to follow. I tried running outside but became discouraged due to nasty dogs, potholes, traffic and severe weather. I eventually joined a gym with the hope that this would make a difference. I was very conscientious about going to the gym every evening after work. Unfortunately, I had no clue how to utilize the majority of the machines and there was nobody available to assist. I was confused over how much weight to lift or how long I should spend on each exercise. With only so much time to get in shape prior to the wedding, I began to get discouraged. Then I saw a flyer posted at the gym advertising the services of a personal trainer. I contacted her right away and explained my goals. The personal trainer was especially supportive of my needs and said that I could reach them. I needed to implement some changes to my eating habits. I quit eating bread, potatoes, pasta, all junk food and candy. I added kale, spinach, broccoli, tofu, green beans and fruit smoothies into my regular diet. I trained with the personal instructor several times per week and she motivated me to stick with a strict workout plan and to get active in-between our sessions. She showed me how to safely exercise and encouraged me to push myself. While the sessions with the personal trainer were strenuous, I felt really refreshed and accomplished each time I completed them. As I started to see a difference in my weight and body shape, I was eager to continue. By the day of the wedding, I was not only satisfied with my appearance but felt so much healthier and stronger as well.

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A healthy weight is important

As you get older, it gets more difficult to sustain a healthy weight.

The majority of older adults tend to increase portion size while exercising less.

A high level of body fat can lead to weight-related diseases and physical concerns. Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist circumference are essential tools in determining if you’ve accumulated too much fat. However, it’s always recommended to consult with a trained healthcare professional for any issues. BMI represents an individual’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. The BMI formula has been altered to accommodate weight measured in pounds and height measured in inches. You simply need a tape measure and a scale. A larger weight than what is suggested as healthy is considered to be overweight or obese. Weight that is less than the ideal recommended healthy range is referred to as underweight. To accurately take the waist circumference, place a tape measure around the middle of the torso, slightly above the hip bones. Ensure the tape remains horizontal and snug without pinching the skin. Breathe out and then take the measurement. High levels of abdominal fat raises the risk of developing obesity-related concerns, such as Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. A man with a waist circumference measuring more than 40 inches and a non-pregnant woman with a circumference measurement of more than 35 inches needs to take steps to improve health. A great way to resolve the problem is through a healthy and nutritious meal plan and vigorous physical activity. It’s not a temporary chance but a lifestyle plan. These improvements require commitment but deliver worthwhile and long-term results.
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Taking advantage of the amenities at the gym

For the past couple of years, I’ve maintained a membership at the local fitness center.

Although the membership is kind of pricey, it’s more than worth it to me.

I enjoy having access to such a diverse selection of machines and classes. It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or cold or wet, I have a clean, spacious and temperature controlled location for my work out. The gym is open round-the-clock, 7 day a week and even on all of the holidays. I use a key card that allows me inside, and I can remain as long as I want. Some days I only have the opportunity for brief sessions and on other days, I’ll devote several hours to a more intense workout. There is a long line of treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowing machines and stairmasters available. There are so many, that there’s always an available machine. The weight training area is expansive and well-equipped. They provide every imaginable level of free weight, kettlebell, weighted balls and resistance bands. I can use specialized machines that target biceps, triceps, outer thighs, inner thighs, and every possible muscle group. I can pound on a heavy bag, tackle the rock wall or jump rope. The gym provides a rewarding selection of fitness classes throughout the week. I’ve tried out crossfit, kickboxing, spin, yoga and pilates classes. If I don’t mind paying a bit extra, I can schedule an appointment for a massage or tanning. At the end of the workout, there’s locker rooms with everything I need. There’s free lockers and showers, a sauna, steam room and hot tub. My typical workouts are quite strenuous and demanding, but they are also satisfying. When I climb back into my car for the drive home, I always feel good about myself and my accomplishments.


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Personal trainer provides methods to beat depression

Right after high school graduation, my older sister joined the army.

Amy was enlisted for around 3 years and spent most of her enlistment overseas.

When Amy finally came home, I hardly recognized her. She was no longer outgoing or confident. She was stressed, anxious and depressed. She struggled with keeping a job, had troubles sleeping and began drinking heavily. There were days when I couldn’t get her to get out of bed. Sometimes, Amy would go several days without eating. I was extremely concerned for my sister’s health and state of mind. She tried various medications but wasn’t agreeable to the horrible side-effects. She tried therapy, but it didn’t seem to make much difference for her. After dedicating a lot of time to researching alternative possibilities for treatment, I signed us both up to workout with a personal trainer. Back in school, my sister was an amazing athlete and made physical fitness a priority. She and I sat down with the personal trainer and Amy and I were totally forthcoming about her issues. The trainer was super supportive and encouraging. She spoke with us about the importance of good nutrition. She told us that the right fuel provides more energy, better sleep and a stronger body. She suggested a meal plan catered to each of us individually and warned Amy against the drawbacks of drinking alcohol. The training sessions were demanding. As Amy completed the challenges, I saw her gaining confidence and becoming more motivated. She started working out on her own and devoting free time active hobbies. The workouts with the personal trainer have completely transformed her attitude. Any now makes plans for the future and has set bigger goals. She feels strong, happy and healthy.

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Wanting to start new job at my physical best

Around a year ago, I was offered a significant promotion at my job.

The new job included a better title, higher wage and the need to relocate across the country.

I was more than willing to move from the frigid east coast to the warm west coast. I was allowed four weeks to organize the move and get settled into a new city. I decided to make some big changes prior to beginning a fresh chapter of our life. I hoped to look and feel at my best when I was introduced to new people and stepped up to handle greater responsibilities. I wanted to take advantage of suddenly living so close to the beach and spend some time enjoying the sunshine. I was determined to get in much better physical condition. Along with losing weight, my plan was to get healthier, stronger and toned. I knew I needed some help from a knowledgeable professional to achieve my goals within the time allowed. I came across a local health and wellness center that features private sessions with a nutritionist, one-on-one workouts with a fitness trainer and group classes. I enrolled in everything and sat down with the nutritionist. She developed a whole meal plan customized to my age, recommended weight and preferences. I quit eating fast foods and eliminated sugary drinks and coffee. I started eating a lot more fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains. The physical workouts with the personal trainer were intense. The sessions were demanding and downright hard. I stuck with it, worked hard and felt proud. The group classes were especially fun and motivational. By the time I relocated into a beach apartment and arrived for my first day at my new job, I felt way more confident.


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Health and wellness center provides recovery after work accident

Most of the exercises were to build up our core muscles

A little over three years ago, I was involved in an accident at work. I work on construction sites, and I fall from the scaffolding. The accident resulted in broken bones in my legs and arms, torn muscles, concussion and a broken rib. I was hospitalized for several weeks and underwent several surgeries. After I was released, I particpated in physical rehabilitation. I utilized every medical service my workman’s compensation paid for. Unfortunately, once I was done with all of the treatments, I still dealt with a great deal of pain and stiffness. I wasn’t strong enough to go back to work and had difficulty with easy, everyday tasks. It was a challenge for me to drive, mow the lawn or pick up anything heavy. The aches and pains made it hard to get comfortable or relax. I most often slept sitting up in a recliner in the living room. When I complained to my doctor, he suggested I try out the services at a local health and wellness center. I’ve always made physical activity a priority and I was not happy with my inability to work out, ride my bike, canoe, rock climb or any of the activities I used to enjoy. I was skeptical that the health and wellness center would be able to provide much improvement. However, I was willing to try anything. I signed up for group classes as well as a series of training sessions with a personal instructor. The workouts were customized to my physical challenges. I started with light weights and there was a huge focus on strength training. There was also a push for greater flexibility and balance. Most of the exercises were to build up our core muscles. Within two weeks, I saw considerable improvement. After four weeks, I was able to return to work and there was a lot less pain.



A healthy lifestyle focuses on both exercise and proper nutrition

A healthy lifestyle included physical activity, consistent sleep cycles, good hydration and a balanced diet.

Even steady and intense workouts can fail to provide the ideal body weight if you’re making bad diet choices. A healthy eating plan centers around fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fat-free or low-fat dairy products. It needs to incorporate plenty of lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts. It should be low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, sodium and added sugars. People often assume that a diet chance is a temporary change. Altering eating habits for the better should become a way of life. The same as a conscientious workout every day is vital for a strong healthy body, so too is nutritious eating habits. Eating properly doesn’t need to be unpleasant or limit variety. When adding fruit into the diet, choose from fresh, frozen and canned varieties. Along with standards such as strawberries, apples and bananas, try mango, pinepeach, kiwi and blueberries. There’s also a wide selection of fresh, frozen and canned vegetables on the market. You can change things up with some herbs such as oregano, parsley, dill, rosemary or thyme! Vegetables can be prepared steamed, sautéed in a small amount of cooking spray or grilled on the barbecue to alter the flavor. A healthy meal plan is centered around balance. You don’t need to entirely give up your prefered foods, even if they aren’t healthy. Simply eat them occasionally and in moderation, and offset these cheats with healthier foods and more and harder physical exertion. You’ll realize that you look better, feel healthier and have more energy. You’ll be further encouraged to continue and set harder goals.


Cross fit classes

In school, I was an all-around sports guy. I had great strength, stamina and speed. My teammates loved it but opponents would grow worried as the soccer games went on. It was a surprise when later in life I got some dizzy periods. I always was the pinnacle of fitness plus healthy. Where did this issue come from? I thought for a while it was pollen irritations. That was not it however. For days I woke up feeling tired plus a shower in the morning didn’t help. After my bi-weekly chores, I drove to my brother’s lake apartment plus felt somewhat better. In the background, I could hear the air conditioning switching on at daily intervals. I never thought of it until I went outside plus the heat struck once more. In the car, I was great despite the fact that I got dizzy periods a few hours after arriving home. I sat down despite the fact that I started to get hot as soon as I got to bed. I realized that it was not pollen irritations, being weak or my age. The issue with being tired was all cooling related. I did not own any AC except for a window cooling unit. I made the choice right then plus there to update to central cooling. After having nice air conditioning for a week, I was no longer dizzy. Apparently I can’t handle intense heat, that is it. A little cooling absolutely went a long way for me.

Steak joint was way too hot



HVAC for sale

Back in the day, I loathed sleeping in hotels. In both the country and cities, the rooms felt the same. Wall mounted Heating plus A/C devices seemed not to work when they were needed. Busted temperature control knobs plus switches were typical. I dealt with oozing vents plus water coming out of the air conditioner device. I also got to smell horrible black mold, dirt plus burnt hair when the Heating plus A/C in hotels switched on. So, 3 years after my retirement, I took a road trip out to the country. I was scared at the thought of having to stay in hotels. I was scared not because of the bills, workers, or the long drive. The thought of inconsistent temperatures in hotel rooms due to terrible heating plus air conditioning was my worry. I decided for the first time ever, I was going to spend more on the room, but rather than go under 100 bucks, I went into the 300 range. I got a hotel that had 20 floors, a fitness center plus had a few nice places to eat inside. I wanted to know if classier hotels came with better Heating plus A/C. When I got there, I was surprised to find that the design of the Heating plus A/C units were more new than what I was used to. The knobs were on good. The Heating plus A/C did not smell when it switched on. I could hardly hear a sound when the Heating plus A/C operated. The air or heat would turn on almost right then when the temperature control was turned. Would this last the night or would I have to call room service to complain as I’d done for years? Turns out, nope. I had a great night of sleep in my fancier hotel.

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Furnace filter for sale

There was a freeze scare in my area over a year back. All of us had the Heating component worked on the morning before the scare. The worker declared there was no concern with the gas furnace. The next morning, I had dinner like usual. The whole apartment felt absolutely cold though. Wondering the cause, I looked at the temperature control, which had been set at the normal temperature. The screen on the temperature control was not showing anything! No temperature readings, no working sounds when I tried to raise or lower the temperature. So next I tried washing the gross stuff inside the heater. I thought that might be the reason for the temperature control not working. Then I looked at the ductwork with the heater. I then scrubbed my ductwork, changed the gas furnace filter plus cleaned everything around the gas furnace. I tried several online suggestions despite the fact that I got nowhere. Meanwhile, the lake apartment got more and more cold. I tried calling the company who’d been there the night before, and several other Heating plus air conditioning service dealers. All of them were on other appointments and could not get me in for the day. I then realized what the issue was. I simply needed a new battery in my temperature control. That was the reason it would not link to my gas heater. I want so concerned about the heat, that I did not think the temperature control was the reason for no heat.

A fancy hotel room and good HVAC

space heater