That was terrible

My car had broken down the other month in the middle of the road plus I had to take it to the local repair garage. Both the motor plus the central heating plus air conditioner onboard had taken a dive. So I ended up being stuck in this repair garage for well over 5 hours, nearly 6 hours, to be clear. And it was possibly the most horrible experience I ever had to live through with a car repair! Not because they did a bad task on the car repair or anything love that, I can attest, they were honestly certainly good plus well worth the money I paid. But it was the indoor air pollen levels in this local repair garage! It was as if they didn’t have any good air flow in there plus there was no air conditioner. It was already rather moderate out, so this didn’t help not having any air conditioner plus air flow properly functioning in a location where there are all kinds of toxins plus bad things in the air. If you want our snarky opinion, this location was so bad with the indoor air pollen levels that even a huge whole apartment air purification method easily would not have even been able to successfully repair the bad air quality in there! When the little over 5 hours was done I just wanted to get out of there and go back to our quality air conditioner plus our duct mounted whole apartment UV air purification method! Never again will I wait for a car repair.
boiler installation

I didn’t think that would happen

I was shopping at our local dollar outlet just the other weekend plus I could not know what I was about to have found in there! They had HEPA air filters in this dollar outlet! This absolutely was not something I ever would have expected.

Because HEPA air filters that I buy are the top of the line when it comes to air filters for both central heating plus air conditioners, as well as your huge whole apartment air cleaners, who would have thought that you would ever be able to find HEPA air filters in a dollar store! It must have been some random packs overstocked from some heat plus cooling system supplier warehouse plus they sold the excess filters to the dollar outlet. That is our only guess. But they had these exclusive packs of the highest grade HEPA air filters which had 6 HEPA filters in them for 3 bucks each! This many HEPA air filters at the regular store plus price would be way more cash than that. So this was a steal I could not pass up! I ended up buying a few of these huge packs of HEPA air filters so I was well stocked up for a while. I already have a new central heating plus air conditioner method that I invested in only a little less than a year ago, plus I have been using HEPA air filters with the HVAC system ever since. I want nothing however the best air quality in our home, so this is precisely why I chose to go the HEPA air filter route. I am not sure how long this plan is going to last with HEPA air filters being in the dollar outlet, however I can tell you, as long as they have them, I will keep buying!

Air conditioning maintenance

Let’s be honest, we like each other more than HVAC

We even try to give each other helpful HVAC tips all the time.

I am a certified heating plus air conditioner specialist who works for 1 major HVAC supplier. And our good neighbor is also a highly certified heating plus air conditioner specialist, plus he works for 1 of the rival HVAC companies that’s located right here in town. We both suppose it’s kind of funny that the people I was with and I are secretly best buddies plus should be against each other all the time at our jobs because of this. But the people I was with and I don’t appreciate the heating plus cooling businesses the way we appreciate each other. To us, it is just a task to survive plus support our families over time. And if 1 of the heating plus air conditioner companies was to go out of business because the other took all the business, 1 of us would be able to find another professional heat plus cooling system supplier to task for easily with our certifications. We even try to give each other helpful HVAC tips all the time. If the people I was with and I go out to find a method of heating plus air conditioner repair will save time or make things go smoother, you’d better believe the people I was with and I will share it with each other. If the heat plus cooling system companies ever knew the people I was with and I were doing this they would easily fire each of us for treason! But they don’t even suppose that they have HVAC workers that have best friends and HVAC buddies in the rival supplier. The company world is such a joke if you ask me. What can we do!


heated floors

I didn’t pay enough attention

I was so happy to have finally got myself a high tech smart temperature control to operate our central heating plus air conditioner.

I definitely had been meaning to do it for a while, however was just too lazy to go to the store plus simply buy a smart temperature control.

I was also too lazy to install it on my own plus set up the smart temperature control myself… So I called the local heating plus air conditioner supplier that I often use to send 1 of their heat plus cooling system specialists out to do the brand new thermostat installation plus set up of the smart temperature control. I didn’t really mind paying for the HVAC repair as it saved myself and others time plus a nastyheadache, but however, the heating plus air conditioner specialist had easily talked myself and others through the basics of how to operate the new smart temperature control on our cell PC, apartment kindle plus PC. The kindly heating plus air conditioner specialist also ran myself and others through how exactly to use the programmable temperature control aspect of it! And would you know it that I forgot every little thing he told me? I was able to operate the smart temperature control from all of our connected devices that had the app, but I could not remember how to manually program the brand new smart temperature control either by hand or on the app! I did not want to continue to call the heating plus air conditioner supplier to tell them this, so I decided to go without it.


Wireless thermostat

Let me pay you!

Don’t you hate it the way things are these modern days? I suppose I do! Especially when it comes to all this stupid kindle stuff plus cell PC stuff, however i may be showing our age, however at the same time, it seems no 1 this month wants the human touch on anything plus as a result they make life so much more complicated than it has to be, however… it’s experiences like the other month that drive me nuts.

I had the local heating plus air conditioner supplier come to give our central heat plus high quality cooling system method an HVAC tune up… When it was done I was expecting to go ahead and either pay by credit card or cash, but no, this heating plus cooling specialist said I had to pay with some brand new app on a PC, however this thing was the most complex plus difficult thing they could have chosen to use just to pay a bill! I mean, was the point? Why couldn’t this stupid guy just take credit or credit cards love they did before? We were both right there.

All I suppose is I will not be using this heating plus air conditioner supplier for my home ever again after this! There are other heating plus cooling companies all around in the section that have not fallen into this new millennial trap. Those definitely are the heating plus air conditioner companies that will get our appointments scheduled moving forward.


Mini split air conditioner

If you have a fireplace, show it some love.

Many of the older homes in our area have the original fireplace from when the homes were built.

The homes are absolutely stunning, since most of them date back into the late 1700’s to early 1900’s.

It is a charming sight to see when looking at the difference in architecture. They mostly had fireplaces in those eras and most of them are still in the houses. I work for a company that specializes in taking care of fireplaces and chimneys. I tell people that they are smart if they keep the fireplace, when they have their soon-to-be home inspected. I also tell them they need to take care of it. I point out the fire bricks that need to be kept in good shape and how important it is to have the chimney cleaned regularly. I compare it to their furnace and air conditioning unit. I remind them that the HVAC system needs to have yearly maintenance to make sure it is going to run efficiently in heating and cooling, and also in energy use. The HVAC company will clean the HVAC system and make small repairs if it is needed. When it comes to the fireplace, the fireplace specialist will have the chimney cleaned, the hearth and flue will be cleaned and it will be inspected. This makes sure the fireplace will be safe to operate and that it will heat efficiently without the worries of fire. Safety and efficiency should always be at the forefront of your mind when deciding if you want the fireplace in your home. I have mine and on those cold nights, it’s nice to know that if anything goes wrong with your furnace, you still have good heat.


electric heater

I put a new HVAC system in my house before putting it up for sale.

I have lived in the same home for over twenty-five years.

My wife and I raised three children here.

We had birthday parties and anniversary parties out on the patio. Now our children are grown and out of the house. We are ready to downsize to a home made for two. As much as we hate leaving, we are thrilled to start looking for a new house. Before we can look at new houses however, we need to get this house on the market. We talked to several realtors, in an effort to find one who would sell our home properly. EVeryone we spoke to told us that if we wanted to get a good price, we would need to reseed the lawn and put in a new HvAC system. We had lived here so long that we hadn’t thought about needing a new one. Our furnace and air conditioning unit were still running efficiently. When they told us about the new HVAC system, I was in shock. My wife looked at me and put her hand on my wrist. She reminded me that our HVAC system had been installed shortly after we bought our house. She remembered how we had known we needed a new furnace and air conditioning unit after we moved in here. I knew she was right and I agreed. We put in the new HVAC system and within a month, we had someone wanting to buy the house. They offered us almost double what we could have got before fixing the lawn and installing the new HVAC system. Now we can start looking for our new home.

heating provider

I love my radiant heated flooring.

Before I had my radiant heated flooring installed, I read all the reviews. There were some real horror stories about radiant heat. Some people complained about how many problems they had with the heating. They said it wasn’t efficient and they had to up the thermostat to nearly eighty if they wanted any good heat. There were a lot of complaints about how much it cost them for repairs. They said the heating system was always breaking down, and they couldn’t afford to make all of the repairs. I am prone to believe that maybe a lot of their problems were either their own fault or that of the HvAC company that did the installation. I know that some people don’t look at the age of their furnace or boiler, before having the radiant heated flooring installed. The problems with not having enough heat could come from the fact that their heating source is outdated. Maybe they should have had a new furnace or boiler installed when they had the radiant heating installed. This could have also had a lot to do with all of the repairs. If you had an HvAC company that wasn’t familiar with radiant heating, most specifically flooring, they could have done something with the installation. Before having radiant heating installed, you should make sure you have a company that has done this before. I haven’t had a single bit of trouble with my radiant heating and I would recommend it to anyone. It not only gives us great heating in the house, but it is also highly efficient to run. I would just suggest that you don’t have radiant flooring in the kitchen. It tends to heat up the granite and marble.
Heat and AC products

I thought the portable air conditioning was the perfect idea.

Over the last couple of months, I had noticed that my energy bills were continually climbing.

I know that when summer arrives, the energy bills do climb. There isn’t anything odd about this since the air conditioning is constantly running. My energy bills seemed to be much higher than I remembered. I looked back through the past year, and there was a definite change in my usage from last year to this year. I thought maybe I could save some money if I were to up the thermostat to eighty. Eighty would keep the house from getting mold buildup if I had to go away for business, which I often did. I also bought a portable air conditioner for when I was home. I could run the air conditioner in the rooms I was in, and supplement the AC without using as much energy. I bought a portable AC unit that was said to be very efficient. The first couple of hours the air conditioner worked really well. I began to notice a lot of rattling sounds when the fan turned on. I couldn’t even sleep the noise was so loud. I decided to call the manufacturer who told me to take the AC unit back to the store. The store offered to give my money back or to give me a new air conditioning unit. The man at the counter said he had never heard of this problem before. He said that if I had any further problems with the new AC unit, he would allow me to trade it in for any portable air conditioner that I wanted. Luckily, the new AC unit worked like it was supposed to and there were no loud noises.

Cooling technology

My white fan blades were black.

I seldom turn my ceiling fans off.

I like the way my ceiling fans keep the temperatures even in my house.

I guess I never thought much about my ceiling fans and how they affect more than my homes’ temperature. It wasn’t until I turned off the ceiling fans to dust them, that I realized how dirty they were. I had someone tell me that odors linger in the dust. I was soon to find out how true this was. I had the ceiling fan off and I had my ladder up to the one in the kitchen. I not only didn’t think about the odors in dust, or how much grease was in my air. I went to clean the ceiling fan and I need a lot more than a dust cloth. There was a greasy mess on the top and sides of the fan blades that I could get off with a cloth. When I pulled the duster away, I could smell the oil and I thought about how much this was affecting my air quality. If the fan was blowing the heating and air conditioning around, it was also spreading all of the dust and grease around the air. My air quality was getting very polluted. I decided to take the fan blades off the fan and scrub them properly. I noticed a difference in my air quality, even before I had all the fan blades cleaned. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I could feel a difference in how well the air conditioning was circulating. I made a decision to put fan blade cleaning onto my list of things to do, whenever I had my HVAC system maintenance done.

HVAC system