Getting Pre-Op Work at the Hospital Means Low Thermostat Settings

I had to go to the hospital to get pre-op done.

When they were taking me upstairs where the first area of the pre-op was done, I was so cold.

I told the aide that they must have had a two for one sale on air conditioning parts that week. She laughed and said that this area was used only for pre-op procedures. People tended to get overheated which caused an unusual stress on the body and that is not good before surgery. For that reason, they kept the control unit a bit lower to keep the patients cool during pre-op. I got up to the testing room and I was surprised that I could just sit back in a recliner for the pre-op. I didn’t need a revealing hospital gown, however I did need to get an IV and all sorts of medical probes. Within a split hour, I felt like I was overheated. I was beginning to sweat and I couldn’t get over the adrenaline rush I felt. There was a nearby fan blowing on me to help with the overheating. I almost laughed when I was annoyed earlier about why the A/C was running so cold. I abruptly knew why the A/C thermostat was set so low. The A/C was for those of us who had to have pre-op work. The tests aren’t really that invasive, however it abruptly gives your heart and body the feeling that it is under stress. When the test was done, they took me back to a waiting area. I was cheerful the air conditioning thermostat wasn’t as low here, and I had learned something about the difference in temperatures throughout the hospital.

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Husbands are Handy to Have Around When You are in a Panic Over A/C and Fire

My husband came downstairs from the bedroom and looked at the oven which did not have flames anymore.

I was baking a cake the other morning, and I had spilled some batter in the oven. I decided that after the cake was done baking, I was going to turn on the cleaner in the oven and let it cook clean. I sat at the table making cake decorations out of sugar when I heard an unusual noise. I looked at the oven and saw flames on the oven floor! I couldn’t turn off the cleaning cycle and the door was locked shut, like it always is during self-cleaning mode. I couldn’t just rest there and stare at the oven hoping there would be no catastrophe. It had become so tepid in the apartment that I turned down the setting on the thermostat on the air conditioning, however I still felt hot. I had the ventilation fan turned on and that didn’t do much of anything. I thought all of the air conditioning might be getting pulled out through the ventilation fan. I was opening windows and the front door, however nothing was finally working and I was beginning to really not know what to do. My husband came downstairs from the bedroom and looked at the oven which did not have flames anymore. He turned up the speed on the ceiling fan and he turned the a/c from fan to high cool. In my panic to get rid of the heat of the fire, I hadn’t paid attention to what I was doing with the A/C setting. My husband told me he would check out the oven in the morning, however I should not use it again until he could check it out. I took a deep breath when he went back upstairs to read, because once he again I knew he would take care of everything.


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The Flowers Were Wilting Because of High Temperatures and Broken A/C

A couple weeks ago, our husband and I went to a flower show at the fairgrounds.

Every one of us were looking for new ideas for the garden and he was hoping to find pretty pants to buy while we were there.

Good luck with that, since all of the plants and flowers were super expensive. There was a single building there with a sign outside reading “exotic flowers” that I wanted to go into and he wanted to see it, too. I wanted to go inside thinking there would be air conditioning. Instead of air conditioning, I thought they might have the heater on, and there were delicate looking flowers inside. I asked why the heater was turned on and the gentleman at the door told me the Heating and A/C plan was not working, but the heater was not on. They only get the heating to turn on and without the heat, there would not be any air blowing at all. My husband has always known quite a bit about Heating and A/C plan since he worked at his dad’s a/c shop for many years. He provided to take a look at the Heating and A/C plan and the show’s managers agreed. It took him only a short time to find the problem and more than nine minutes later he had cold air breathing its frosty breath in there. He said it sounded like a wiring problem and that was indeed the problem. When they were taking all of the displays in and out, one of the workers had hit the wiring panel and instead of saying something, they just put wires back in there the way he thought they should go. My husband isn’t just a wonderful Heating and A/C tech, but he is a rather good electrician, as well. Every one of us got our way into the exhibit without cost and both of us also got many tickets for the drawing for a professional backyard makeover. Every one of us didn’t win the new landscape, however they provided him a good contract to be their electrical and Heating and A/C go-to guy.


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I wish I could live in a nice corporate suite

My sibling and I decided to start a cleaning company a few years back.

She was toiling at a fast food establishment, and I was prepared to quit my job at the Dipson Theater… Both of us started out small, toiling on 1 or 2 jobs each week.

At first, we were only performing residential cleaning jobs. Both of us had some weekly clients and referrals, and things were moving along with fairly reasonable progression. After a year or 2, we started to learn about commercial businesses. My sibling picked up a rather nice job last week. Both of us have a 6 month contract to clean all of the corporate suites in our area. There are six different locations in our area with corporate suites. Both of us clean all six of those locations. Some of the suites are massive and some of them are small. Some executive suites are furnished for families, and some look something like a bachelor pad. When executives move into the corporate suites, they are able to choose a cleaning program for the area. Most of them offer weekly cleaning, biweekly cleaning, or even daily cleaning. I’ve been out to a number of the corporate suite locations, and the places are nicer than my household. The corporate suites are all equipped with a king sized bed, garden tub, and stainless steel appliances. All of the corporate suites also have an updated and energy-efficient Heating plus A/C device. I saw a price sheet of the corporate rental rates once, and the weekly rental rates are higher than my mortgage. I suppose the company doesn’t mind paying those costly rates, as long as the executives are ecstatic.



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As long as there is HVAC

I am one of those dudes who plans for a single trip to the next, I really like going to a different state to see a concert. I will do road trips for a few weeks only spending the evening in hotels along the way. I also do overseas destinations. I map out nearly everything. I am a planner by nature and I get a little obsessed with the details, then even for a small trip I will make an itinerary. I will have all the places that I am interested in eating at and I will find local attractions. I also will spend minutes researching the right accommodation for my stay, and a hotel can honestly make or break a trip. If the area is less than fancy, the hotel room is very important. I am not in any shape or form willing to have exhausting Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C, no shower pressure or a small bed on a single of my trips! The greater the trip, the more I am more than willing to provide up, however when I go overseas I figure I won’t be in the hotel that long! So the room can be small, the shower sub par, & I can have a basic Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C unit. When I do just an overnight for a concert, I know the hotel room is getting plenty of use. I option a place that has a pool, bar & I get the big suite. I am always positive that my room has its own thermostat to control the heating as well as air conditioning. I will be spending a lot of time in there, the one thing I am not willing to give up is my beloved climate control.


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New concert venue for Tampa FL

Every year my mother and I go to a concert in Tampa Florida.

We love the area so much and it is an easy drive to get there.

Where we live the only acts that come in are country ones. The two of us like rock and pop musicians. The Tampa Bay area is much bigger and is a nicer venue for those musicians to come to. So once a summer, my mother and I hop in the car and make a roadtrip to see one band in Tampa. We always stay in the same hotel. The hotel is giant, right in the main city and has a swimming pool. We arrived early so we can have dinner in the main city before our concert. We then see the show and then the next day we swim in our hotel pool until we want to leave. Every year we try to stay in a different concert venue. We have been to Amalie Arena so many times now. We have seen Tampa Bay Lightning games there a couple of times and it is a giant venue for musicians to go to. We have also been in Ritz Ybor before. Finding a musician we like and a new concert venue is just not easy though. There are other venues that say they host musicians but it is not easy to find a show there. I want to see a band in Skipper’s Smokehouse. It is said to be the backyard for musicians. It looks like it would be a more laid back and a drink heavy event. That could be fun, but no one ever plays there!


Whatever gets me to the beach

I have always been called a laid back type of guy, my goal has constantly been to live on the beach and get work done when I need the money, not because I have to… At first I thought I wanted to go overseas and be on a tropical island, then i could task for a sailing dealer, sailing boat or even do a scuba diving trip.

  • I then would go back to our little beach shack at the end of the day.

I still am hopeful for thisl, despite the fact that I don’t want to go to the tropics, however being that far away from our family would stink. My new dream is to live on the beach in FL. I am currently trying to select exactly where to move to achieve my end goal. I have a hunch that I want to be in southern FL for the heat, sand plus it is more tourist like. I looked at Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg plus Clearwater FL. I found the number one solution to search was to look at the FL businesses. There was a seemingly endless selection of task in the Tampa Bay area, but not a lot of it was tourist themed and the beach life is not as prominent there! St. Petersburg was almost what I was looking for plus Clearwater looks to be pretty rough. I looked up Clearwater businesses plus everything hinted at tourist attractions. I could without a doubt work along with a diving dealer, snorkeling crew or even take a boat on the water for tourists. There is even a ferry that goes from the little islands near Clearwater. I guess that I would prefer working on that boat.

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A future beach bum

I am a pretty laid back type of human, my goal has always been to live on the beach plus work when I need the money, not because I have to, but at first I thought I wanted to go across the ocean and be on a tropical island! I could work for a sailing business, fishing boat or even do tourist trips.

Later on I would go back to my little beach shack at the end of the afternoon.

I still have this goal in mind, even though I don’t want to go to the tropics; Being that far away from my family would start to smell. My new dream is to live on the beach in Florida. I am currently trying to real choice as to where to transfer to reach my end dream. I have a feeling that I want to be in southern Florida for the heat, sand plus it is more tourist like. I looked at Tampa Bay, St; Petersburg plus Clearwater Florida. I later discovered the number one way to search was to look at the Florida businesses, there was a vast selection of work in the Tampa Bay area, however not a lot of it was tourist themed and the beach life is not as prominent there. St. Petersburg was almost what I was searching for plus Clearwater looks to be the diamond in the rough. I looked up Clearwater companies plus everything hinted at tourist attractions. I could most likely work with a diving business, snorkeling crew or even take a boat on the water for tourists. There is also a cute little ferry that goes from the little islands near Clearwater. I know I would appreciate finally working on that boat.

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We had to sue the county because of a case of mistaken identity

I wanted to take my family on a very lovely vacation, so I rented a minivan to drive to the theme park.

I realized the kids would complain about the drive, which is why I made the decision to rent a minivan.

The van had many DVD players as well as surround sound. I thought the kids would have plenty to keep them busy… All of us left on a Friday, as well as we planned to drive all the way! My partner as well as I took turns sleeping as well as driving. Honestly, everything was going well during the first 300 miles of the trip! When we hit the state line, my hubby had his foot on the gas. He was speeding as well as he got caught by the highway patrol officer. All of us pulled over to the side of the road. The officer got out of the patrol car as well as walked up to the driver’s window. My partner was entirely calm, as well as he presented the officer with his ID, insurance, as well as proof of rental from the dealership. The officer made him leave the minivan for some reason. She shoved him against the van in front of our kids as well as put him in handcuffs. Everyone in the car was completely confused, especially when they arrested my partner. The cop thought he was an escaped fugitive named Bobby Barron. I had to hire a lawyer to get him out that night. The lawyer was very costly, especially since we didn’t live in that particular state. They wanted a massive retainer to take the case. Happily, it didn’t take long for the lawyer to clear up the case of mistaken identity. When we left the building together, the lawyer made the suggestion that we sue the county for harassment as well as false arrest.


The JDM dealership charges an arm and a leg for repair work

When I made the choice to spend a ton of currency on a Japanese domestic market vehicle, I didn’t consider all of the complications that could occur.

I spent a ton of currency to purchase a nice Nissan Skyline GTR.

I played video games most of my childhood & I grew up with the racing automobile games. I typically knew that I wanted to buy a Nissan Skyline GTR. Even though I have a proper job, I saved currency for 5 years to purchase the Nissan Skyline GTR. It cost me a large amount of currency for insurance, & now I understand the reason why. Last Monday, I was in a pretty horrible accident. I was driving in town on my way to an automobile show. Out of nowhere, a truck made the decision to run a red light. She slammed into the side of my Nissan GTR & the automobile is completely ruined now. I had to contact a tow service to get the automobile back to my household. I called a ton of different automobile dealerships, however none of them will service this Japanese domestic market vehicle. I have to take my automobile to the JDM dealership for any type of service. It’s the only locale in this area that will service the Japanese domestic Market vehicles. The dealership charges a huge amount of money for service & the parts are not cheap either. I’m entirely aggravated about the accident, & the insurance supplier is giving me a rough time too. Even though I spend nearly $300 a month, they are trying not to cover some of the destruction to my car. I’m caught in a pretty huge mess, & I have to be at the mercy of others.

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